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Another season of League representative competition is over and Liverpool have taken part in both the President's Trophy and the President's Shield competitions.

In the President's Trophy we were represented by Angela Doyle (Bishop Eton), Peter Harris (Aigburth Swans), Marl Kerr (The Cricketers), Rod Moore (Kluggers), Chris Quinn (The Cricketers) and Brian Thompson (Aigburth People) and finished in fourth place behind the winners Ormskirk.

In the President's Shield, Liverpool 2A were represented by John Coventry (Bookworms), Karen McDonald (Leyfield Crown), Frank McHugh (Tramway) and Paul Savage (CTK Cavaliers) while Liverpool 2B were represented by Keith Clare (Aigburth People), Janet Foreshaw (Monstrous Regiment), Clive Leech (Exiles), Frances Mason (Aigburth People), Catherine Rouse (Duncan's Doughnuts) and Dave Wright (Outside Edge).  2B finished third and 2A fifth.  Both the President's Shield and the Presidential Challenge KO tournament were won by Ormskirk.

Many thanks and well done to all who took part.

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