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Welcome to the website of the Liverpool Quiz League, part of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues, the world's longest running independent quiz league organisation.

The Merseyside Quiz Leagues, founded in 1959, are the largest independent quiz leagues in the world.

In the 2018/19 season there will be 31 teams in the LQL and over 100 teams competing in the MQL. Teams take part in their own local leagues, so that travelling distances are kept to a minimum. There are, however, opportunities to enter Merseyside-wide competitions at either team or league representative levels - our equivalents of UEFA club competitions and International matches!

MQL Buzzer Tournament

Two teams from Liverpool enjoyed success in the second MQL Buzzer Tournament held at the Bradbury Centre in Liverpool on Saturday 12 October.  The Tournament which has a format similar to TV's University Challenge, attracted teams from the MQL as well as 13 strong teams from all over the country including London, Teesside, Lincolnshire, West Midlands and Yorkshire.  The Liverpool A side of Angela Doyle (Bishop Eton), Danny Grimes (Aigburth Swans), Clive Leech (Exiles), James MacGregor (Palmy Army) and Chris Quinn (Cricketers) were unable to defend the title that they won last year but performed very well.  The Tournament was won by Ormskirk who beat Lancaster in the Final.  Pictured below are the Liverpool B side of Stuart Scholes (Kluggers), Brian Thompson (Aigburth People), Rob Cruise (Bookworms), Gill Willet (Kluggers) and Peter Harris (Aigburth Swans) who were the winners of the Plate Competition.

You can watch the final below:

Venue Changes

A couple of teams in the First Division have changed venues this season, but not all of the changes have been incorporated into the new handbook.  Paul Davitt is sending out corrective stickers to all teams.

Leyfield Crown will now play their home matches at West Derby Golf Club, Yew Tree Lane, L12 9HQ.

Judges will now play at The Brown Edge, 299 Nutgrove Road, St Helens WA9 5JR.

Please let me know if there are any errors in your team details on this site.

2019/20 Fixtures Published

The fixtures for the coming season are now available in the Fixture Calendar.  Please note that the weeks of 28th October and 18th November are both double headers, with two matches to be played on the same night.  These are shown in yellow on the fixture lists in each team's page. It is suggested for fairness that the Home team provide the refreshments as normal, but that the Away team should buy the drinks.

MQL Jubilee Pairs Competition

All players are invited to take part in a Pairs Competition to help celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the MQL.

This will take place on Wednesday 11 September 2019 at Hoylake Social Club, 11 Trinity Road, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 2BR starting at 8pm.
Players who wish to take part will be ranked and then pairs will be created on the night by drawing a player from the top half of the rankings with one from the other half.

The first stage of the competition is usually a 40 or 50 question quiz in which each pair write their answers to spoken questions.
The top 6 pairs progress to a “15 to 1” style Semi-Final in which each pair starts with 3 “lives” and questions are asked to each pair in turn. When three pairs have been eliminated then the remainder go through to the Final played on the same lines.
If time permits, we also hope to have a Plate Competition so that as many as possible remain involved as the evening progresses.
There is no entry fee and light refreshments will be served.
If you would like to take part then please register with Brian Thompson
(briathom59@gmail.com) by midday on Wednesday 4 September (1 week before the competition)

Pairs Competition 2019

The annual pairs competition took place at APH on Presentation Night - 13th May 2019.

Last year's winners, Mark Kerr and Jim Toal, set both the written qualifying quiz and the knockout final rounds.  

Liverpool Quiz League Presentation Evening and Pairs Competition

13th May 2019

Liverpool Quiz League Presentation Evening 2019


Annual Pairs Competition

Monday 13th May 2019

8pm Aigburth People’s Hall, Aigburth Vale, Liverpool, L17 0DG

Our evening will begin with the draw for the Pairs Competition. The questions are set this year by last year’s winners; Jim Toal and Mark Kerr.

Pairs are drawn from the hat for those wishing to enter the competition.

The first part of the Pairs competition is 40 questions, each pair of contestants writes their answers on the answer sheet. Following the first part the sheets are marked with the top six pairs going through to a 15 to 1 style knock out and then the top three carry on until the winners remain.

We will then have refreshments followed by the Presentation to our winners.

Division 2 Runners Up Old Wallaseyans Trophy Groundhogs    Winners George Taylor Cup St Patrick’s

Division 1 Runners Up William Ross Cup Kluggers   Winners Bert Dutton Cup Victorian Cricketers

Pairs Competition  Runners Up    and  Winners

Ted Riley Cup Runners Up Earles, Liverpool Quiz League    Winners Bishop Eton, Liverpool Quiz League

Handicap League Winners Kluggers

Liverpool Mimir Competition Arthur Evans Shield Mark Kerr, Victorian Cricketers.

We hope that all Liverpool teams and Wirral Teams who took part in the Riley Cup, or any individual members of a team will join us to celebrate our 2019 season.


Riley Cup 2019

Congratulation to Bishop Eton 2019 Winners
Quarter finals       29th April 2019
32 Earles 10 59 v 55 20 Tramway
33 Aardvarks 20 48 v 66 13 Bishop Eton
34 Wallaseyans 14 64 v 49 16 Aigburth People
35 St Francis of Assisi 22 65 v 68 19 Monstrous Regiment
Game at APH            
Semi finals       29th April 2019
36 Earles 10 56 v 48 14 Wallaseyans
37 Bishop Eton 13 55 v 49 19 Monstrous Regiment
Final at APH       29th April 2019
38 Bishop Eton 13 59 v 51 10 Earles

Ted Riley Cup Final 2019

Riley Cup 2019

Results of Round Three
Third Round 15th April 2019
Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
24 Victorian Cricketers 0 54 v 58 13 Bishop Eton
25 St Francis of Assisi 22 63 v 53 14 Judges
26 Duncans Doughnuts 25 60 v 65 19 Monstrous Regiment
27 Earles 10 57 v 55 16 Plasterers Arms
28 Aardvarks 20 65 v 57 20 Soapsuds
29 Wallaseyans 14 65 v 52 24 Shipwrecked
30 Residents 19 46 v 68 20 Tramway
31 Aigburth People 16 62 v 53 18 St Patricks


Quarter Finals will be drawn at 7.55pm before the games on Monday 29th April 2019

Riley Cup 2019

Results after Round Two and Round Three Draw
  Second Round hcap score   score hcap date 8th April 2019
8 Aigburth CC 25 52 v 55 18 St Patricks
9 Bebington Hockey 20 47 v 59 20 Soapsuds
10 Monstrous Regiment 19 58 v 50 18 Taxes
11 Bookworms 14 49 v 56 22 St Francis of Assisi
12 Outside Edge 23 45 v 55 14 Wallaseyans
13 Shipwrecked 24 59 v 55 15 Old Bangers
14 Wandering Star 23 59 v 63 25 Duncans Doughnuts
15 Magpies 24 0 v w/o 16 Plasterers Arms
16 Standard Bearers 31 51 v 60 19 Residents
17 Earles 10 59 v 51 21 Exiles
18 J.C.and the Jets 24 53 v 57 20 Aardvarks
19 Black Horse 22 57 v 60 14 Judges
20 Aigburth Swans 12 48 v 55 13 Bishop Eton
21 Top Shelf 17 52 v 58 20 Tramway
22 CTK Wanderers 19 0 v w/o 0 Victorian Cricketers
23 Aigburth People 16 59 v 43 18 CTK Cavaliers


  Third Round Draw         15th April 2019
24 Victorian Cricketers 0   v   13 Bishop Eton
25 St Francis of Assisi 22   v   14 Judges
26 Duncan's Doughnuts 25   v   19 Monstrous Regiment
27 Earles 10   v   16 Plasterers Arms
28 Aardvarks 20   v   20 Soapsuds
29 Wallaseyans 14   v   24 Shipwrecked
30 Residents 19   v   20 Tramway
31 Aigburth People 16   v   18 St Patricks
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