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Welcome to the 2021-2022 Liverpool Quiz Season.

We have now heard from all Liverpool Quiz League teams regarding their return to quizzing face to face and the availability of venues. I am sad to have to announce that four teams will not be taking part, Earles, Bootle YMCA, Outside Edge, Residents as they had hoped.

The League

  • We have 27 teams taking part in the 2021 2022 season.
  • MQL has fixed a season from October 2021 to March 2022, as a return to quizzing, so to fit in with this season we have decided to create three divisions of nine teams.

Pre-season friendlies

  • We have arranged three pre-season friendlies commencing Monday 13th September 2021, through to 27th September 2021. This will give teams time to get used to returning to face to face competition, check out venues and iron out any problems or procedures, with each team having at least one home and one away game.
  • Fixtures are attached to this email.
  • LQL will not be sending out questions sets for the friendlies, you can use a set that you have, or you can obtain sets by downloading one from any of the following links for MQL, Orrell Quiz League and Quiz League of London
  • http://www.sfquiz.org.uk/quizpage.html
  • http://www.odquiz.org.uk/quizzes.aspx
  • https://quizleagueoflondon.co.uk/quizzes/default.aspx

Playing Season

  • The season will start on 4th October 2021 and run to 13th December 2021, re-commence on 10th January 2022 and run to 21st February 2022.
  • Sets will be sent out by second class post as usual.


Handbooks and fixtures

  • In view of the short lead-in to the season printed handbooks will not be available.
  • Handbook information will be sent in an electronic pdf document, this will contain the usual team information and fixtures, Team Secretaries should circulate this to all of the team members. These will be sent out this weekend.
  • The rules are available on Liverpool Quiz League Website, follow this link. http://www.quizliverpool.org.uk/rules-1.aspx
  • The fixtures will also be available on Liverpool Quiz League Website, a link will be included in the handbook.

Postponement of games

  • If a team cannot fulfil a fixture due to Covid restrictions, they should consult the other team and advise the General Secretary.
  • They should agree a way forward, the most preferable way is to re-arrange the game as soon as possible.
  • Or play the game on-line.
  • Failing that if it’s in the first half of the season a double header may be arranged.
  • Or agree to share the points.
  • Whatever you decide to do you must use the questions you have for that fixture. Additional sets are not available.


Some players would like to have reassurance regarding venues and we are asking teams to consider their venues and check with the management with the following in mind:

  • Are the games played in a small room?
  • Can players sit socially distanced if they wish from their own team members and from the opposition?
  • Is the room well ventilated?
  • What are the arrangements for buying drinks, bar service or waiter service?
  • We suggest that we suspend refreshments for this season, unless this is part of a team’s deal with the management of the venue.
  • If you play in a shared venue, we suggest that you discuss arrangements with the other team(s) if possible.
  • Out of consideration for others it would helpful to wear a mask, but it is not mandatory. We trust that players with any Covid symptoms will not attend the quiz out of consideration for their fellow quizzers.
  • And of course, we will suspend hand shaking.

Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes


Paul Davitt

General Secretary Liverpool Quiz League