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Liverpool Quiz League Rules

All Liverpool Quiz League matches are played under Merseyside Quiz League rules which can be found here


Liverpool Quiz League Local Rules

Question Submission, resolved at the 2011 AGM

Teams failing to submit a set of questions largely suitable for an MQL match by 31st January prior to the start of the season for which the questions are set shall, in that season, be deducted one point for every week the questions are late.

Postponed Games, resolved at the 2016 AGM

LQL matches should be played on the night that they are scheduled.  If a team has problems with their venue on a particular evening then they should find an alternative venue, first contacting their opposition to see if they can play in the opposition's venue.  Not having a full compliment of four players is no reason not to play the fixture.

In extreme circumstances, permission may be sought from LQL Council, contacting the General Secretary in the first instance, for the match to be postponed; if granted the game should be played within seven days, failing that the Council will direct the teams to play on a designated night.