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In the light of the disappointing end to the season, the results for the last two games have been completed thus: 

On Monday March 16th two fixtures were played in Division 1 and are awarded their true results.  All other games in Div 1 are awarded a draw, using those two fixtures to establish the average score, ie 40.  Division 2 fixtures are all awarded a draw using the season's difference between the Div 1 & Div 2 averages to establish the score, ie -7, giving each team 33.

No games are to take place on March 23rd, so every fixture has been declared a draw, using each division's season average to fix the scores, ie Div 1: 41; Div 2: 35.

The outstanding game from December 9th between Earles and Bookworms has been declared a draw based on the average Div 1 score for that week, ie 44.

Handicaps have been added to all results decided as above to complete the season Handicap League.

I will spend some time over the coming isolation compiling the team and individual statistics for the season.  Once I have done this, I will post that they're ready, and if you're interested in how your team and/or players have performed this season, get in touch with me for further information.

Stay safe and well.

Angela Doyle (LQL Results Secretary)