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Brain of Britain

You can listen to the Brain of Britain heats of Liverpool league players by clicking on the icons below.  Subsequent episodes will be available after they have been broadcast on Radio 4.

Paula Keaveney
Heat 6 - 15th Feb 2016

Chris Quinn
Heat 11 - 21 Mar 2016

David Simms
Heat 12 - 28 Mar 2016

MIMIR Heats and Semi Finals

In the MQL MIMIR heats, held at Aigburth People's Hall on 16th March 2016, the results were as follows:

(Yellow = qualified in 1st place, silver = qualified in 2nd place)

Round 1
Group 1 Group 5
1 Mark Kerr 13   1 Gill Willett 11
2 Rodney Watkins     9   2 Margaret Howe 10
3 Dag Griffiths 15   3 Bob Parry 7
4 Janet Crompton 10   4 Paul Prior 19
Group 2 Group 6
1 Chris Quinn 12   1 Angela Doyle 10
2 Ian McKie 7   2 Neil Macaskill 12
3 John Hall 16   3 James McGregor 6
4 Andy McGowan 13   4 Bill Gerrard 8
Group 3 Group 7
1 Rod Moore 14   1 Rob Cruise (after tie break) 10
2 John Sticher 14   2 Roy Smith 10
3 David Twigge 7   3 Harry Owen 2
4 Dave Kenrick 10   4 Pat Gibson 19
Group 4 Group 8
1 Brian Thompson 10   1 Stuart Scholes 12
2 Karl Whelan 17   2 Jim Eccleson 13
3 Cliff Houghton 11   3 Keith Mulhearn 9
4 Madeline Evans 9   4 Bill Corlett 4


Round 2
Group 1 Group 3
1 Dag Griffiths (after tiebreak) 13   1 Andy McGowan 11
2 Gill Willet 13   2 Paul Prior 8
3 Rod Moore 15   3 John Stitcher 5
4 Stuart Scholes 12   4 Neil Macaskill 18
Group 2 Group 4
1 John Hall 21   1 Mark Kerr 13
2 Angela Doyle 9   2 Pat Gibson 9
3 Rob Cruise 8   3 Jim Eccleson 11
4 Karl Whelan 15   4 Cliff Houghton 12


Semi Finals

Semi final 1 Semi final 2
1 Rod Moore 13   1 Dag Griffiths 16
2 Karl Whelan 19   2 John Hall 10
3 Neil Macaskill 12   3 Andy McGowan 8
4 Cliff Houghton 7   4 Mark Kerr 13

Mark Kerr will be unable to play in the final, so his place will be taken by the highest scoring third place finisher, who is Neil Macaskill

The final will be held at the MQL Presentation and Finals night, to be held at The sands Hotel, Ainsdale on May 11th 2016.

Duplicated Questions - 29th Feb - Council Decision

At the Liverpool Quiz League Council meeting held on 6th March it was decided that the matches that were held (or not) on 29th Feb would be declared null and void due to the duplicated set of questions.  The matches will be rescheduled to take place at the end of the season on Monday 4th April.

The League AGM, which was due to take place on that night, will now take place on Sunday April 10th, at CTK Parochial Club, starting at 7pm.


The heats of the MQL MIMIR competition will take place at Aigburth People's Hall on Wednesday 16th March, beginning at 8.00pm.  The heats will consist of the following matches, with the Liverpool players highlighted in yellow:

MQL MIMIR HEATS 16th MARCH 2016      
Group 1     Group 5  
1 Mark Kerr   1 Gill Willett
2 Rodney Watkins   2 Margaret Howe
3 Dag Griffiths   3 Bob Parry
4 Janet Crompton   4 Paul Prior
Group 2     Group 6  
1 Chris Quinn   1 Angela Doyle
2 Ian McKie   2 Kevin Mather
3 John Hall   3 David Smith
4 Andy McGowan   4 Bill Gerrard
Group 3     Group 7  
1 Rod Moore   1 Rob Cruise
2 John Sticher   2 Roy Smith
3 David Twigge   3 Harry Owen
4 John Wilson   4 Pat Gibson
Group 4     Group 8  
1 Brian Thompson   1 Stuart Scholes
2 Karl Whelan   2 Jim Eccleson
3 Cliff Houghton   3 Keith Mulhearn
4 Madeline Evans   4 Colin Foster

Duplicate questions - 29th Feb.

Unfortunately, the questions sent out on 29th Feb had been previously used on 8th Feb. The problem will be discussed at the Liverpool council meeting on Sunday 6th March and a decision made on how to proceed. 

The meeting will be held at Christ the King Parochial Club,  beginning at 7pm.

Christ the King Charity Quiz

The annual charity quiz at Christ the King on Friday February 19th was, as ever, a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Many thanks to Brian for a brilliant quiz, with help from Keith; to all those who organised and ran the event and the excellent catering; and to everybody who attended. At the end of the evening, £370 was raised for the charity Children with Cancer UK.

Liverpool Quiz League MIMIR Competition

The Liverpool Mimir heats took place on Wednesday 17th February 2015 at Aigburth People's Hall.  In a close fought match, Mark Kerr (Rainhill Victoria - 16pts) beat Chris Quinn (Also Rainhill Victoria - 14pts) into second place, with Rod Moore (Kluggers - 13pts) finishing third and Brian Thompson (Aigburth People - 10pts) finishing fourth.  The finalists, plus the four other highest finishing competitors will go forward into the MQL Mimir heats, which take place on March 16th in Liverpool.


Earlier rounds can be found her:

Contestants Wanted - 500 Questions

ITV are currently on the lookout for amazing contestants for a brand new quiz show 500 QUESTIONS!

500 Questions is an intense game of strategy and stamina, the aim of the game is to hold your own and bank cash as you go. There is just one rule. Three wrong in a row and you’re out! With a challenger to take your place and tens of thousands of pounds waiting to be won, can you handle the pressure?

If you, your friends, colleagues or anyone else you know are up for a laugh, have great general knowledge and want the chance to win thousands of pounds then please head to: www.itv.com/beontv/shows/500questions

Brain of Britain

Three members of the Liverpool Quiz League will be appearing in this year's series of Brain of Britain on Radio 4. 

Paula Keaveney and David Simms of Palmy Army and Chris Quinn of Rainhill Victoria will be appearing in the coming weeks on the world's oldest quiz show, which goes out at 3pm on Monday afternoons (with a repeat on Saturday nights at 11pm.  Previous episodes of the series are available on the BBC website.



Graham Barker of Rainhill Victoria appeared on Mastermind on 22nd January,  answering questions on Sir John Gielgud. 


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